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Your product(s), brand and content is highly valuable – but your not sure if its being seen by the right target audience. By advertising with Cycling 411, you can have a piece of mind that that product(s), brand and content will reach a highly engaged audience who is actively looking and researching Cycling related websites and information.

Cycling related products and content matches the unique look and feel of Cycling 411, easily fitting into our digital landscape. This niche advertising is not brand-biased and focuses on informing rather than convincing the target audience.

Types of Advertising

Both brand advertising and sponsored stories are available on Cycling 411.

Brand advertising consists of placing banner ads in specific locations of the website for a specified amount of time. Exclusive positions and multiple banner sizes are available upon request. Banner ads are undetected by ad blockers.

Sponsored Stories consists of posting articles that are authored by the advertiser in our news feed. These articles will be marked as “Sponsored” to differentiate them from other articles. This allows advertisers to not only educate and inform, but also build brand loyalty and credibility while becoming and authority in the industry.

We have made advertising efficient and affordable – and most importantly: effective.

Target Audience

The audience at Cycling 411 is well informed, diverse and niche. Therefore, we go through great lengths to assure that advertisers are vetted properly to ensure high quality of service and professionalism when dealing with consumers.

Brief information about our visitors:

  • 100% of our traffic is from organic searches (non-paid) and return visits.
  • 1.8 million unique visitors per month.
  • 70% have an HHI of $85K or more.
  • 64% have shopped online classifieds and/or auction sites within the past week.
  • 80% are shopping for themselves.
  • 44% are between the age of 34 and 45.

If your company is interested in advertising on Cycling 411, please contact us with product or service details.

Event organizers and promoters, please feel free to contact us about promotion of your scheduled events.


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