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BMC Proof of Concept

| Road Bikes

Created in BMC’s Impec advanced research and development lab, this concept bike may very well be the future of cycling. Not many details are available about the future of this bike, so one will be left to wonder if this design will see mass production.

Aerodynamics have shaped most of the bike, especially the svelte one-piece integrated handlebar and stem with their own design brake levers and shifters. A computer head unit sits flush in the top of the handlebar and presumably controls the motor inside the frame. The frame features a neatly concealed drivetrain and appears to have an electronic motor and battery. So many features to look over it’s best to review the video for best descriptors.

BMC Concept 02

BMC Concept 03

BMC Concept 04

BMC Concept 05

BMC Concept 06

BMC Concept 07

BMC Concept 08

BMC Concept 09

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