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Hiplok D Bike Lock

| Latest Cycling Products

Safely securing your bike never looked so great with the Hiplok D.


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Cycling Artwork

| Latest Cycling Products, Reader Submissions

track art

For the track lovers.

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Cuore of Swiss Retro Cycling Jersey

| Cycling Teams, Latest Cycling Products

Cuore of Swiss Retro JerseyLove the retro color combo.

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Project One by Trek

| Cycling Manufacturers, Latest Cycling Products


It’s great to have choices.

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Caterham Electric Bike

| Cycling Manufacturers, Latest Cycling Products, Mountain Bikes


Caterham-launched-cool-electric-bikes-3Rugged off-road electric bike for the adventurists.

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Voltage Cycles

| Latest Cycling Products, Reader Submissions


Voltage Cycles Cruiser

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Cervelo P5 Comparison

| Latest Cycling Products, Reader Submissions, Time Trial Bikes (Tri Bikes & Rigs)

Cervelo Comparison

Comparison photo of old v. new Cervelo P5.

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Smith Overtake Cycling Helmet

| Latest Cycling Products


Though best known for making goggles and other sport-specific eyewear, Smith Optics now introduces the new Overtake helmet is their first foray into competitive road cycling—and it sure is an attractive one.

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Oakley Bike Shows Chris Froome’s Choice of Eyewear

| Latest Cycling Products, Motivation

Oakley Jawbreaker

If your glued to the Tour de France, then you are aware that Froome is wearing the Oakley Jawbreaker in yellow to match the yellow leaders jersey.

Photo: Courtesy of OakleyBike Instagram

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Lumos Cycling Helmet

| Latest Cycling Products


Instead of clipping & zip-tying lights onto your helmet for those cool night rides, the Lumos has a much cleaner & more aerodynamic solution. Brake lights, turn signals & headlights are integrated into this safety certified helmet. A remote handlebar control powered by rechargeable battery allows you to activate the blinkers & an accelerometer makes the brake lights automatic. Fully funded by Kickstarter.

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Limar Velov Cycling Helmet

| Latest Cycling Products


The Limar Velov hit the European market last year, and is finally making the rounds here in the states. Originally designed for the free-ride and urban market, the Velov is sure to catch the eye of many road cyclists too, due to the clever design and benefits it offers.

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