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Lumos Cycling Helmet

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Instead of clipping & zip-tying lights onto your helmet for those cool night rides, the Lumos has a much cleaner & more aerodynamic solution. Brake lights, turn signals & headlights are integrated into this safety certified helmet. A remote handlebar control powered by rechargeable battery allows you to activate the blinkers & an accelerometer makes the brake lights automatic. Fully funded by Kickstarter.

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Limar Velov Cycling Helmet

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The Limar Velov hit the European market last year, and is finally making the rounds here in the states. Originally designed for the free-ride and urban market, the Velov is sure to catch the eye of many road cyclists too, due to the clever design and benefits it offers.

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The OctoPlus Helmet Liner

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The OctoPlus from Effeto Mariposa is a one-size fits all replacement foam pad system that allows cyclists to replace their helmet liners.

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Specialzied S-Works Mclaren Tarmac

| Cycling Manufacturers, Latest Cycling Products, Road Bikes

Limited to 250 models worldwide, the S-Works Mclaren Tarmac is Specialized’s version of a supercar on two wheels.


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Giro Synthe™

| Latest Cycling Products

Described as the ultimate road helmet, Giro is releasing the Synthe™ this coming fall at a SRP of $250.


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Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet

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sworksSpecialized’s new S-Works Helmet exemplifies speed and aerodynamics. Combining the aerodynamic features of a Time Trial helmet and the cooling and ventilation of a road helmet, featuring quiet and low-profile functionality. Available Spring 2014 for $250 (USD).



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