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Campagnolo Vintage Photos

| Cycling Manufacturers, Cycling News & Information, Reader Submissions, Road Bikes, Vintage Cycling Photos

Cycling has a long tradition and photo documentation often proves to find. Cycling 411 was the surprised and thrilled to receive some vintage photos of Campagnolo Bikes from one of our loyal readers.


The original photographer & time frame of these photos is unknown. Enjoy as we did.

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Hiplok D Bike Lock

| Latest Cycling Products

Safely securing your bike never looked so great with the Hiplok D.


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Smith Overtake Cycling Helmet

| Latest Cycling Products


Though best known for making goggles and other sport-specific eyewear, Smith Optics now introduces the new Overtake helmet is their first foray into competitive road cycling—and it sure is an attractive one.

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Lumos Cycling Helmet

| Latest Cycling Products


Instead of clipping & zip-tying lights onto your helmet for those cool night rides, the Lumos has a much cleaner & more aerodynamic solution. Brake lights, turn signals & headlights are integrated into this safety certified helmet. A remote handlebar control powered by rechargeable battery allows you to activate the blinkers & an accelerometer makes the brake lights automatic. Fully funded by Kickstarter.

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BMC Proof of Concept

| Road Bikes

Created in BMC’s Impec advanced research and development lab, this concept bike may very well be the future of cycling. Not many details are available about the future of this bike, so one will be left to wonder if this design will see mass production.

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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments

| Cycling News & Information, Latest Cycling Products

Recon Instruments

Recon Instruments has been acquired by Intel, which first invested in the Canadian maker of heads up displays for cyclists and skiers in September 2013 through its venture capital arm.

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The OctoPlus Helmet Liner

| Latest Cycling Products


The OctoPlus from Effeto Mariposa is a one-size fits all replacement foam pad system that allows cyclists to replace their helmet liners.

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Endo Cycle Wall Mount

| Latest Cycling Products


Like most cyclists who store their bikes on the wall looking for something a little less harsh on the front wheel, the Endo Cycle Wall Mount, not only solves that problem, but does it in style.

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Rapha Cyclocross Jersey

| Cyclocross, Latest Cycling Products

Rapha Cyclocross Jersey

If your familiar with the Rapha brand, then your familiar with their detailed quality which has made them an industry favorite.

Their new Cyclocross Jersey inspired by off-road cycling features vibrant colors and striking graphics that brand has become famous for.

You don’t have to be a hardcore cyclist to love what Rapha is doing. Their keen eye for design has made the brand a favorite amongst many, both in the cycling realm and on the street.

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Velo Sock

| Latest Cycling Products


The Velo Sock is a functional product designed to keep sand, mud and other road debris from littering your living quarters, great for the urban cyclists and their apartments.

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